Who is this service for?
This website was created for people and companies that want to make sure of the high security and protection of their wireless networks.

How much is it?
If you want to check how strong your wireless protection is, then it's free. But if you would like us to reveal your WPA/WPA2 password after successful recovery then it's only $15 USD. Advance Recovery - total cost $17 USD. Special 10 digit Recovery - $49 USD.

What do I get?
A confirmation email will be sent to you if recovery of your handshake is successful and of course the password if paid for and found.

How long does it take?
That depends, if the password is found quickly and there is no queue then about 5min to 40min. However, if there is large number of enquires at the same time then there could be a delay of up to 24h to receive the confirmation whether the recovery was successful.

What do you need to start recovery?
This service requires only a file of standard tcpdump format (for example test.cap) with a present valid WPA or WPA2 handshake.

Capture has to contain beacon packets (ESSID information) which are crucial for the recovery.

What is a valid and invalid WPA handshake?
This is very important, it mean whether the captured WPA handshake encryption contain a valid password.

Therefore you should not initiate the WPA handshake yourself by connecting to the access point with wrong pass-key while sniffing.

You should always allow the associated client to connect or reconnect with the right pass-key.

Otherwise wrong passphrase will be decrypted.

What if my capture file is too big and cannot be sent as an attachment?
Following programs - "Wireshark" or svn version of "aircrack-ng" suit can be used in order to extract only important WPA handshake packets, use the following command to reduce the size of your file:

tshark -r YourOryginalFile.cap -R "eapol || wlan.fc.type_subtype == 0x08" -w YourFileExtracted.cap


wpaclean YourFileExtracted.cap YourOryginalFile.cap

Why would I use your service?
Simply to save time and money, because going through a dictionary of 3 billion words on an ordinary home computer could take years, here you can get your answer in few hours.

What do you use to recover wireless WPA passwords?
Powerful GPU based Super Computer (two clusters - 8x GPU cores - delivering astonishing speed of 420000p/s) and of course a specially designed dictionary for wireless encryption (mostly based on English words).

What about a digits cracking in WPA or WPA2 encryption?
Standard Recovery includes 8 length digits - 100 million possibilities.

Advance Recovery includes 9 length digits - 1 billion possibilities.

Special Recovery is 10 length digits - 10 billion possibilities.

What payment option do you accept?
Payments are accepted via PayPal. Don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card or bank account while paying with PayPal.

What about my personal information and capture file?
Privacy is our priority. There are no logs of ESSID or MAC addresses in our servers, the emails containing handshakes are deleted immediately after recovery.



Just send your handshake to wifi@recoverwpa.com to get started


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